The nuts and bolts

Pieces of metal, wood, plastic and rock made a childhood playground for metal artist Hans Early-Nelson.

Early-Nelson began at a young age, in the studio of his metal sculptor father, Scott Nelson, to take common objects apart to understand them better. Eventually he began to build sculptures from scrap metal, and that sparked an inspiration to continue on this path.

A global education

After two eye-opening apprenticeships in 2002-2003 with Cologne, Germany-based furniture maker, Room 8, and Bonn, Germany-based blacksmith Bernd Scheuvens, Early-Nelson returned to the United States to continue his welding education. He studied at Dunwoody Institute of Technology in his hometown, Minneapolis, and worked for local stainless steel fabricator ATN Stainless Steel, in Plymouth.

It all adds up

In 2007, with his sights set on creating old-world quality everyday goods and exploring modern innovative design, he founded Primitive Precision.

Early-Nelson lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his partner, Liz Parent, a jewelry artist.

In addition to raising two children, Camille and Eisen, Hans and Liz collaborate to create custom wedding bands through their ring division, Anvil Vibe

Hans Early-Nelson does something cool with metal.

Hans Early-Nelson does something cool with metal.

The process/Forging techniques

Use heat and tools to de-form and texture metals to come up with unique details…using time tested welding, machining and forging techniques

The materials

is it all steel? What kind/quality?

Finishing techniques

How many options are there? (ballpark) We will work with you to decide which is best for your project.

Our team

Meet the people who make Primitive Precision possible.