The Nuts and Bolts

Primitive Precision has roots made of pieces. Pieces of metal, wood, plastic and rock made up the childhood playground of artist Hans Early-Nelson, who began at a young age to disassemble common objects to understand them better.

The pieces didn't need to go back together the way they came apart. They could become something new, but still highlighted the history of their original makeup.

Eventually he built sculpture from scrap metal, just like his father once did as a metal sculptor, and the bright fusion of welding metal seeded a strong influence in him to continue on this path. 

After two eye opening apprenticeships with a furniture maker, Room 8, and blacksmith Bernd Scheuvens in Bonn and Cologne, Germany in 2002, he returned to the U.S. for his welding education at Dunwoody Institute of Technology in his hometown Minneapolis, MN. He solidified his career working for a local stainless steel fabricator, building large honey tanks and other food grade weldments. With his sights set on creating everyday goods with old world quality goodness and modern innovative design, he founded Primitive Precision in 2007. He and his partner Liz Parent (Made By Liz P Jewelry and partner in @anvilvibe wedding rings) live in Northeast Mpls. and have two children Camille and Eisen.